Joseph Angelini Jr.

Appearing below are messages from others who wish to extend their thoughts, sympathy and words of kindness to the family and friends Joseph Angelini Jr., who passed away on September 11th, 2001.

22 Years Later...We Shall Never Forget

From: Jeanine And Beth
Date: 09/14/2002
Message: Dear Joseph, We Live in Lindenhurst too. Theres a street named after you now. I hope your still alive out there some where. We miss you. We wish this thing never happened. I hope you and your dad are together. Love, Jeanine and Beth

From: David Tate III
Date: 06/23/2004
Message: I'm Sorry For What Had Happened to Joseph Jr. and Joseph Sr., and all those other firemen of F.D.N.Y. In Memory of the 343 firefighters

From: Gary Hardy
Date: 06/23/2004
Message: I am sorry to say I had never heard of Joseph Angelini Jr. until I joined the fire Academy in Dayton, Ohio. I am suppose to give a report on the Angelini family for my class. I almost don't believe I can put into words the emotion the families story brings to me. I served in Afghanistan with the amry and I thought I was a hero. I can tell you thiss there is no greater hero than someone who wakes up in the morning, hugs their wife and kids, and knows they may never see them again. I can tell you this The Angelinis will see their fallen loved ones again. I say this because there is no way a god could send them anywhere but heaven for all they have done. My love goes out to them . They are my hero's

From: Bob Dobkowski
Date: 09/11/2004
Message: joe and his entire family are always in our prayers. we pray especially for his wife and children and my children will know that joseph angelini is an american hero. May God bless you

From: Giselle
Date: 10/02/2004
Message: This father and son duo, Joseph Angelini Sr. & Jr., are a true inspiration, an honor to us all...I thank them for their courage and their passion. They truly are heroes. I know that they are together again.

From: Corie
Date: 10/19/2004
Message: I did an essay for My American Hero and Joseph, you are my hero!

From: B, L & D
Date: 03/28/2006
Message: We Love you and we miss you terribly. Wish you were here. XOXO

Date: 07/09/2006

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