Anne Marie Sallerin Ferreira

Appearing below are messages from others who wish to extend their thoughts, sympathy and words of kindness to the family and friends Anne Marie Sallerin Ferreira , who passed away on September 11th, 2001.

22 Years Later...We Shall Never Forget

From: Thomas E. Ferreira
Date: 05/01/2003
Message: To anne, we all know you are now in the heavens looking down on us as we look up to you. I am not sure if we are some how related but its possible, well we are all related in the eyes of our lord jesus christ. You and all that were victims of this terrible act will not be forgotten. From this day of 9-11-01 we will be living in a different way, some with fear some just woundering if another 9-11 will come. Either way we as Americans will continue forward living as we know it. We as Amereicans can be proud of who we are, and we are proud of who you were. God bless you and your family and your friends. WE WILL NEVER FORGET !!!

From: Fernanda Abreu Von Schiffunton
Date: 04/30/2006
Message: Dear Anne Márie, Since the very beginning of all this, since the very first time I saw you, I felt this deep feeling of pride for having once shared with you the same land, spoken the same language, sung the same anthem. I can assure you that even being this high up you are now, you'll always be able to feel in your heart the way I care about you, the way I have become a true admirer of you. We have never stopped thinking about you. Brazil is forever and ever proud of having had this best-beloved daughter, whom others have unfortunately taken away. You'll be for life in the most special part of ours hearts. You're a warrior, no doubt about that. We'll never ever forget you. I'll never ever forget you. Rest in peace; your wonder and sweetness have already widespread all over the world. You're now the greatest most beautiful angel ever. Be with God, little angel. From all my heart, Fernanda Abreu von Schiffunton

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