David Paul DeRubbio

Appearing below are messages from others who wish to extend their thoughts, sympathy and words of kindness to the family and friends David Paul DeRubbio , who passed away on September 11th, 2001.

21 Years Later...We Shall Never Forget

From: ***
Date: 09/09/2003
Message: A hundred days had made me older since the last time that I saw your pretty face A thousand lights had made me colder and I donít think I can look at this the same taken from "here without you" by three doors down

From: Daniel Nelson
Date: 07/30/2004
Message: Hay Dave,In case you didnt now,Bill Elliot came in first in the pepsi 300,the first race after you left.Dano

From: Angela DeRubbio
Date: 08/25/2004
Message: Dave, I miss you... we miss you... every minute of every day...

From: Illya Georgyevich Alexieff, 639 46th Street, Brook
Date: 09/05/2004
Message: Da-Dave, I am so glad to hear that you are a Ranger Fan. I may have left Brooklyn in 1994 but some of my fondest memories of my time there were the football games we played on 7th Avenue and the kick the can hockey games we fought in front of the corner laundromat at midnight. Summer nights in Sunset Park . . . Radio Cranked way up loud . . nothing but laughter and good times. Master of the Ten Speed Bicycle . . . metal head rocker . . . friend of all . . . always a smile. This the Da-Dave that was my friend. You were a hero before you went to work that morning and you will always be my friend. The next time we see each other I want to be on your team once again . . . from one hockey player & lifelong ranger fan to another . . . Thank You. Your life inspired me and I am forever grateful to have had the time we shared. You will be missed and leave a unfillablevoid in the many hearts & lives that you have touched with your gentle and loving kindness. Go Long Da-Dave, Illya

Date: 02/22/2005
Message: Heyy dave! I really wish you could be hear!! I love you!! Take care of Boo Boo!

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