Joseph Deluca

Appearing below are messages from others who wish to extend their thoughts, sympathy and words of kindness to the family and friends Joseph Deluca , who passed away on September 11th, 2001.

21 Years Later...We Shall Never Forget

From: Joseph DeLuca
Date: 09/16/2005
Message: i live in anna texas i will never forget to stand up 4 my country.

From: Laura Smith
Date: 09/10/2006
Message: My 13 year old daughter, Megan, wears a silver bracelet to honor Joseph's heroism and sacrifice, as well as his families loss. She is very proud to tell others about him - from what she has found on the internet. She, too, loves cats. We are so sorry for your loss, and hope that God has brought you peace over these last 5 years. I am sure Joseph watches over you all, until you meet again. God Bless you - our prayers are with you, especially tomorrow, 9/11/06. Laura & Megan

From: Denise Odenkirk
Date: 10/08/2006
Message: I remember Joe well from my days at Warner-Lambert. He laughed at me for leaving when Pfizer took over. I attended his memorial service so many years ago. Flight 93 was on the TV tonight. My heart feels like it did they day I heard the news. I am sending this note to let you know that many thoughts are with you.

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