Frank J. Spinelli

Appearing below are messages from others who wish to extend their thoughts, sympathy and words of kindness to the family and friends Frank J. Spinelli , who passed away on September 11th, 2001.

17 Years Later...We Shall Never Forget

From: Lisa M. Lorenzo(Spinelli)
Date: 07/19/2006
Message: As I was doing a search on the internet to do a memorial for my father Frank X. Spinelli, I came across this memorial. I read every entry and I am filled with so much emotion. Even though we do not know each other, I am sure we must be related "down the line" somewhere :-) My grandfather was Francis J Spinelli. We live in philly. MY heart goes out to the family and I will keep you in my prayers. To Michelle his wife, I can only imagine how difficult your life has become. I am a mother of 3 19,18,13. It put my life in better prospective by coming across this today. I am going thru a tough time financially lately and have put so many things off, such as my sunday dinners and spending time with my husband and kids. This truly inspired me that life is so precious and to live everyday the happiest I can be. I am now more than ever grateful for my family and will try to live each day as if it were my last. Please know that you and your family are in my prayers. Sincerely, Lisa Lorenzo(Spinelli)

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