Deora Frances Bodley

Appearing below are messages from others who wish to extend their thoughts, sympathy and words of kindness to the family and friends Deora Frances Bodley , who passed away on September 11th, 2001.

22 Years Later...We Shall Never Forget

From: S.z.
Date: 09/11/2002
Message: we may not know eachother but i will always remember u because sadley u where in the trade center on that sad day god bless to u and ur family and friends

From: Leslie Fehr
Date: 09/11/2003
Message: I am a student at SCU. Although I never knew you personally I want you to know that you are always in my prayers and will never be forgotten.

From: Brandi
Date: 04/23/2003
Message: Your spirit will always live on :(

From: Arjen Voorhaar, Netherlands
Date: 06/02/2004
Message: Like all the victims of 9/11 will you live on in the hearts of the people in the world... We won't forget you...

From: Amanda Barcena
Date: 09/10/2004
Message: After the past years sincen the 9/11 happened I have never actually tooken the time to research and finally today I decided to see more about it and when I came across Deora's picture not only is her name unique I am sure that she was as well she was a very pretty young girl. When I saw her age it made me think harder. I send my deepest sympathies to her parents, friends, and anyone who knew her. Just remeber life is a dream we live and death is real life we began.

From: Kevin Moon
Date: 09/11/2004
Message: I will never forget the ones who lost their lives in vain. Your memory lives on in everyones thoughts and prayers. May God bless your family.

From: Daniel
Date: 09/23/2004
Message: may god bless you and your family. i'm sure you have returned to the promised land and so you're never forgotten here if i ever have a daughter she will get your name.

From: Meri
Date: 05/24/2005
Message: I am a student at WNHS and had the oppertunity to research you in a project. May God bless you and your family and may your spirit live on and your story be forever remembered.

From: Taylor
Date: 09/19/2005
Message: i never knew you but i really sorry for the pain and hardships your family must face.Sorry!!!!

From: Sarah D.
Date: 01/31/2006
Message: We Will NEVER Forget You!

From: Lacey
Date: 01/27/2006
Message: I also never knew you, but you and everyone that was involved in Sept. 11 will be considered heroes in my eyes. It is so unfair. I cant beleive this has happened. I wish my best to your family and friends and may God Bless everyone.

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