Barbara Olson

Appearing below are messages from others who wish to extend their thoughts, sympathy and words of kindness to the family and friends Barbara Olson , who passed away on September 11th, 2001.

19 Years Later...We Shall Never Forget

From: Mike Schaffran
Date: 09/22/2002
Message: To Barbara olson's family. It has been a year since the attack of 9/11/02. May god give you strength. I personally miss Barbara on Larry King. I thought she added a lot to his program.

From: John Adriatico
Date: 12/04/2002
Message: I enjoyed watching Barbara Olson as a guest commentator on Fox News, and she will be missed by all. May God bless her husband, Solicitor General Ted Olson and her family.

From: Brian Folks
Date: 09/21/2003
Message: Thank you for giving so much to the conservative cause. You will not be forgotten.

From: Frank
Date: 09/11/2005
Message: What an American! What a women! What steel! What conviction! What a talent! What beauty! What a loss, what a loss!

From: The McNeils
Date: 04/30/2006
Message: May you rest in blessed peace

From: Chuck Henderson
Date: 12/11/2006
Message: You and me baby, always and forever my love. It will always be our special secret.

From: Cam
Date: 02/17/2007
Message: I loved your books...Thank you for being a person of truth...A small part of all Americans died that day...Your voice is missed...America has never needed you more...To her family, I pray that you have regained your sanity and found peace and healing...Somehow...There must be some healing in knowing that so many people loved her books and miss her too!...I am one of those people!

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